This whole thing got started when in 1967, I bought a 1965 FI Corvette that wouldn't run.  That was the start of my passion for Fuel Injection.  Although the only resemblance the old systems had with the modern day electronic systems was squirting fuel in the runner, they still perform the same basic function of supplying fuel to the motor.  What a difference  the computer age has made!

As time went on, we began to specialize in converting manifolds that  were unavailable in port injection form

Our Mission

Converted Manifolds

35 ACRES35 acres +or- located in Potter County, Genesee Township, Genesee, PA.  Approximately 90% wooded, loaded with bear, deer, turkey, and other wildlife.  Great clearing, perfect for a building site.  Shale driveway, great isolation, perfect get a way location.

Rance H Baxter     230 Mountain View Road,  Genesee PA  16923

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Rance Fuel Injection